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Cyprus police rule out arson in Russian Cultural Center fire

Scientific findings and evidence point towards accidental cause, investigation report reveals

Newsroom / CNA

Cyprus police have ruled out the possibility that the fire that broke out last April at the Russian Cultural Center in Nicosia was arson.

Replying to a question by CNA, police press officer, Marina Christodoulidou, said that according to the police final report on the incident "there has been no scientific data or other testimony indicating that the fire was set on purpose".

Moreover, Christodoulidou said that the possibility that the fire was caused accidentally cannot be ruled out.

She furthermore noted that all the documents and data regarding this case were handed over to the Law Office of the Republic at the beginning of June.

Christodoulidou said that the police final report was drafted based on the investigation that was carried out and the relevant reports of the Fire Service and the State General Laboratory.

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