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Registered jobless numbers drop in May indicating declining unemployment

Decrease in various sectors and new entrants to the labor market contribute to positive trend

Newsroom / CNA

According to data from the Provincial Labour Offices, the number of registered unemployed individuals at the end of May 2023 decreased to 10,357 persons, marking a decline compared to both the previous month and May of the previous year.

In April 2023, there were 11,284 registered unemployed individuals, while in May 2022, the number stood at 10,586.

The Statistical Office reports a decrease of 229 persons or 2.2 percent compared to May 2022. This decline is mainly attributed to sectors such as accommodation and food services, trade, and construction. Additionally, there has been a decrease in the number of new entrants to the labor market.

Moreover, according to the Statistical Office's data, which is adjusted for seasonal variations to reflect the unemployment trend, the number of registered unemployed individuals in May 2023 remained at the same level as the previous month, with a total of 13,248 persons. In comparison to May 2022, there was a slight increase of 24 persons.

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