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Swarms of jellyfish still a nuisance

Paralimni mayor downplays jellyfish encounters in local beaches, says number of incidents negligible


Reports on the eastern coast of Cyprus point to more jellyfish encounters with swimmers along the Protaras shoreline, with the local mayor saying the number of incidents is negligible.

Jellyfish in the water at various beaches in Protaras continue to sting swimmers in mid-July, following heightened incidents last month that reportedly were expected to go down.

According to local media, stings are reported on a daily basis with lifeguards on duty being called to assist in many cases.

But Paralimni mayor Theodoros Pirillis says the numbers are negligible, citing incidents not exceeding 20 per day compared to the thousands of beachgoers in his municipality.

But the mayor stopped short of saying whether swimming would be banned in areas with heightened jellyfish action

The mayor told Cyprus News Agency last month that local beaches had been cleared of both jellyfish and their excrement, including Nissi Beach and Fig Tree Bay, as well as Agia Triada, Kappari, Skoutarospilioi, Vrasoudia, Nisia, and Lombardi.

But following the recent cases, Pirillis stopped short of saying whether swimming would be banned in areas with heightened jellyfish action.

Lifeguards are trained and standing by to handle jellyfish stings, the mayor added, while cases are being referred to hospitals whenever is deemed appropriate.

In other parts of the Mediterranean, some tourist spots are reportedly having to ban swimming due to plagues of dangerous jellyfish, which are known for eating and pooping out of the same orifice. But experts say the jellyfish phenomenon is not just an inconvenience for swimmers but also a sign of human impact destabilizing marine ecosystems.

The jellyfish phenomenon is also taking place around the same time as leatherbacks have made an appearance in the area. Even though these giant turtles do not nest in the Mediterranean, they are known to wander the oceans from Spain to Israel in search of jellyfish for food.

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