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Teen says farm owner sexually molested her

The boss of a mother working on a Nicosia farm is accused of molesting her daughter


A Nicosia animal farmer, who is under arrest on sexual harassment charges against a minor, appeared before a Nicosia judge on Thursday in a closed hearing session.

The suspect is accused of sexually molesting a 15-year-old girl, whose mother worked on his farm in an unnamed community, Nicosia district. The judge ordered the hearing in a closed session while the case is being prosecuted by a special police unit against domestic violence and abuse of minors.

About a year ago the mother was moved to another living area also owned by the suspect

The mother of the victim, described as a national of an Eastern European country, used to work on the farm that belonged to the suspect while her underage daughter lived with her. About a year ago, according to media reports, the mother was moved to another living area also owned by the suspect, while recently the teenager told her mom that she was being sexually molested.

Last week, mother and daughter walked into a police station and field a formal complaint, where the 15-year-old girl gave a video-recorded deposition to police investigators.

The Nicosia District Court on Thursday ordered the suspect in remanded custody for eight days while the case is being investigated.

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