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Temperatures rebound after cold nights

Sunshine mixed with cloudy skies but Cyprus not out of the woods yet


A cold front along with high pressure will be affecting the area over Cyprus in the early part of the week, with sunshine and cloudy skies battling it out as temperatures are on the rebound.

According to weather officials, high pressure is settling in and will be affecting the island Monday and Tuesday, with sunny skies at times but also occasional cloud covers throughout the day. Evening skies will be mostly clear but increasing clouds will persist throughout the night.

Cold temperatures will continue to affect the island but are expected to rise gradually. Full frosty conditions remain high up in the mountains while morning frost continues to affect parts in lowland areas near the foothills.


Temperature highs will reach 11 degrees Celsius around the capital and parts of the interior, 13 along coastal regions, while it will be 3 degrees high up in the mountains.

Lows are expected to fall down to 2 degrees Celsius inland, around 5 along coastal regions, while it will be minus five (-5) high up in the mountains, where light rain is expected locally with low chances of snow on the highest peaks.

Temperatures are expected to climb slightly on Tuesday but still remain below normal averages, while levels will continue to rise noticeably throughout the middle part of the week.

Officials said they did not anticipate a situation where they would need to re-issue an orange warning for cold weather.

The last snow measurement at Troodos Square was almost 26 inches, as recorded at 5am on Monday.

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