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Booster shots: Reduces risk of infection by 2/3, research shows

Only 30 (0.36%) became infected with the virus after their immunity was strengthened two weeks after the third dose

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The third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine reduces the risk of infection by two-thirds compared to two doses, according to a large UK study by REACT at Imperial College London.

According to the study - which randomly tested more than 100,000 people between October 19 and November 5 - the third dose significantly boosts immunity.

Of the more than 8,300 people in the study who received the booster dose, only 30 (0.36%) became infected with the virus after their immunity was boosted within two weeks of the third dose.

Of the group of 68,000 people who had taken only two doses, about 700 (ie 1.03%) became infected during the same period.

Having taken into account factors such as e.g. age, Imperial College researchers report that this means that the chances of infecting people who have received the third dose are reduced by two-thirds.

Professor Paul Eliot, an epidemiologist and lead author of the study, said the findings were important because they showed that booster doses were "highly effective".

The findings follow data from the British Statistical Office which showed that the chances of infection for those who have taken the third dose are one in five compared to those who have not been vaccinated.

The NHS in England is already planning to provide boosts each year, General Manager Amanda Pritchard revealed on Wednesday.

With information from Guardian, Mail Online

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