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Vaccinated will need rapid test at checkpoints

Code red set by bicommunal technical committee in Cyprus for vaccinated persons starting Monday


Vaccinated persons crossing north and south through checkpoints in Cyprus will be required to show a negative rapid test result, following a decision by a bicommunal committee that cited worsening pandemic conditions on the island.

Based on a statement issued Thursday by a UN spokesperson in Cyprus, a bicommunal technical committee had decided to assign Dark Red status or Level 3 at all legal crossing points between the two sides, starting Monday morning at 9am.

The measure will affect all vaccinated individuals who received an EMA-approved vaccine as well as Sinovac, Sinopharm or Sputnik.

Unvaccinated persons will need to show a test valid only for 72 hours except junior high school students and persons living in Kato Pyrgos who may show a test valid for seven days

Fully vaccinated persons will need a 7-day negative rapid or PCR test, provided that two weeks have passed from their second dose or first dose in case of the Janssen vaccine.

Junior high school students and persons living in Kato Pyrgos may also cross by showing a test valid for seven days.

But unvaccinated persons will need to show a test valid only for 72 hours.

The latest decision is based on an agreement hashed out by a bicommunal technical committee on health issues, whose members continue to assess the epidemiological situation on a bi-weekly basis to determine appropriate conditions based on three levels.

Back in September, Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot members of the committee had agreed to do away with tests for fully vaccinated persons wishing to cross the buffer zone, citing their latest assessments at the time and news that the virus was slowing down.

But the assessment which takes place every 15 days has changed recently, given the worsening conditions across the island and elevated concerns ahead of the winter season.

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