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Tornado wreaks havoc in Limassol, homes damaged

Limassol roads blocked amidst tornado aftermath


In the early hours of Wednesday, Cyprus faced a barrage of intense weather phenomena, with Limassol province experiencing the brunt of the onslaught. A powerful tornado ravaged the Germasogeia area, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The force of the tornado caused a crane to topple and trees to be uprooted, resulting in significant damage to residential properties.

Authorities, responding swiftly to the crisis, reported that debris had been strewn across the Limassol-Nicosia highway near Germasogeia, posing serious hazards to motorists traveling in both directions.

Police presence has been reinforced at the site, with officers urging drivers to exercise utmost caution.

Additionally, the aftermath of the storm has led to mudslides, rendering several key roadways impassable to all but four-wheel-drive vehicles or those equipped with anti-skid chains.

Among the affected routes are the Paramytha-Gerasa, Spitali-Fasoula, Fasoula-Limassol, and Apsiou-Mathikoloni roads.

Meanwhile, the coastal stretch of Limassol, spanning from the Germasogeia Police Station to Ariadne Street (K-Cineplex road), has been closed off to traffic due to the collapse and uprooting of trees, posing further risks to commuters and residents alike.

The closure underscores the extent of the damage wrought by the violent weather disturbance, prompting authorities to prioritize public safety measures as cleanup efforts get underway.


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