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Traffic light cameras to get enhanced surveillance

Surge in red light offenses sparks call for camera system overhaul


Cyprus is set to implement three new measures to improve its current photo-labeling system aimed at enhancing road safety. Transport Minister Alexis Vafeadis shared these updates in an interview with "K," addressing concerns raised by the public on social media.

The existing system, which includes fixed cameras strategically placed at intersections and main roads, has been in place for about a year and a half. However, authorities have recognized the need for adjustments to make it more effective.

Initially introduced to deter traffic violations through penalties, the photo-labeling system faced challenges due to insufficient data for effective monitoring. To address this, a two-sector approach focusing on speed control and intersection monitoring was adopted, aiming to reduce accidents, particularly fatalities. Despite initial hurdles, the system has sparked a positive shift in driving behavior among Cypriot motorists.

One key concern has been the absence of timers in fixed cameras. In response, authorities have decided to install "smart lights" at crossings, which will adjust signals based on traffic flow autonomously. This initiative, scheduled for implementation in 2024, is expected to alleviate congestion and bolster safety on the roads.

Furthermore, enhancements to the photo-labeling system will include the installation of warning lights preceding fixed cameras. These lights will provide drivers with advance notice of upcoming signal conditions, with green lights indicating right turns until they transition to orange, offering clearer guidance. Strengthened line markings at intersections will also be implemented to improve clarity for drivers, contributing to safer driving conditions.

The Cyprus Police oversee the installation and operation of fixed cameras, with payment to Brinks, responsible for traffic control, based on hours worked rather than fines issued, to prevent incentivizing excessive ticketing.

These enhancements, slated for implementation over the next three to six months, aim to complement the future installation of "smart lights" and bolster road safety across Cyprus.

[This article is a summary of the original in Greek published in Kathimerini's Sunday edition]

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