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Transport Ministry enhances traffic surveillance with 170 new cameras

State-of-the-art system with new cameras, counters, and signs to improve road safety


In a bid to revolutionize its traffic monitoring capabilities, the Ministry of Transport in Cyprus is embarking on a strategic initiative.

According to a recent report by Kathiemrini's Marios Christofi, the plan involves the installation of 170 state-of-the-art cameras, 180 advanced traffic counters, and 40 electronic signs strategically positioned across the road network. The overarching goal is to provide a holistic and real-time overview of traffic conditions, encompassing motorways and key urban arteries.

Aristotelis Savva, the executive engineer overseeing the project at the Public Works Department, outlined that the new cameras, equipped with advanced video analytics, would not only monitor traffic flow but also swiftly detect and report incidents such as accidents, fires, and instances of pedestrians on motorways. This heightened surveillance capability aims to enable more immediate and targeted responses from relevant services, enhancing overall road safety and efficiency.

Funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund, this ambitious project is in the final stages of evaluation, with contract signing anticipated at the end of May. The implementation phase is slated to commence in September, provided there are no appeals or unforeseen delays. Once completed, this initiative is expected to significantly elevate Cyprus's ability to manage and respond to various traffic-related scenarios, contributing to a safer and more streamlined road network.

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