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Trump's 'miracle' reshapes abortion politics

The 'miracle' chat: Trump's abortion claim sparks political storm


In a recent Fox News town hall in Des Moines, Iowa, former President Donald Trump proudly claimed credit for the 2022 overturning of Roe v Wade, describing it as a ''miracle.''

As The Guardian reports, the event aimed at countering a Republican debate on CNN, saw Trump addressing a female voter's concerns over his recent shift on abortion restrictions.

The voter, undecided between Trump and rival Ron DeSantis, questioned his stance, highlighting his criticism of Iowa's heartbeat laws and blaming pro-lifers for GOP losses.

Trump defended his record, emphasizing his role in ending Roe v Wade after 54 years of attempts. He asserted, "Nobody else was going to get that done but me, and we did something that was a miracle."

Despite his celebration, Trump acknowledged the necessity of exceptions, aligning himself with Ronald Reagan's position on cases involving the life of the mother, rape, and incest. He emphasized the importance of winning elections to avoid regression on the abortion issue.

Trump also hinted at the potential impact of DeSantis's support for a six-week abortion ban on his poll numbers. He expressed the need for legislation that makes people happy and accused Democrats of being "radicals," making unfounded claims about late-term abortions.

This exchange showcased Trump's delicate balance between conservative values and electoral considerations, providing Democrats with ammunition. Joe Biden's team seized the opportunity, releasing a video clip emphasizing Trump's claim: "Just like he said: he did it."

Beyond the abortion discussion, Trump used the town hall to promise "the largest deportation effort in the history of our country" while teasing the identity of his running mate, leaving the audience in suspense.

[With information sourced from The Guardian]

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