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Turmoil in Occupied Nicosia: 14 detained, 21 sought after street fight

Nicosia Mayor demands crackdown on violence


Today, four more individuals have been arrested in connection to the brawl between rival groups in the walled-off Nicosia on Thursday night. Currently, 14 individuals are in custody following yesterday's decision by the "district court" of Nicosia, with the "judge" emphasizing that hostilities between rival groups in the area have sparked outrage in the community.

According to the Turkish Cypriot Press, it was a "nightmare night" as groups of young people hurled stones, bottles, not only at each other but also towards an entertainment center where the events unfolded, causing panic among patrons. Additionally, 21 individuals are being sought for the incidents that occurred in the Armenian quarter of the walled-off Nicosia, adjacent to the Tsetinkaia stadium in the dead zone, where numerous dining and entertainment establishments are situated.

While skirmishes are not uncommon in the area, they seldom escalate to such a degree involving so many people. The "mayor," Mehmet Harmancı, strongly reacted to the incident, calling for increased policing and exemplary punishment for the apprehended individuals facing criminal charges.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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