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Wastewater leak sparks environmental crisis in Achna

Community leader warns of crop and environmental damage, urges accountability

Newsroom / CNA

Nikos Vassilas, the community mayor of Achna, has raised alarms about potential impacts on crops, the water table, and the environment following a leakage of wastewater from farmers' tanks near the community's dam.

The issue came to light on Sunday morning when large tanks adjacent to the dam ruptured, leading to concerns about potential harm to birdlife. Vassilas expressed his apprehension about the environmental consequences and urged those responsible to take immediate action.Anticipating losses, Vassilas highlighted the impact on planted pine and orange trees in the affected area. He specifically mentioned that potato and grain crops appear to have suffered from the sewage leakage.

Describing the situation as an environmental "disaster," Vassilas called for accountability from those responsible. When questioned about notifying the Environment and Fisheries Departments, he revealed that he had not contacted any responsible party, citing past cases of unresponsiveness.

Vassilas emphasized the necessity of mandatory biological stations, asserting that without them, Cyprus faces destruction. He pointed out the presence of numerous livestock farms in the area and highlighted existing legislation limiting the number of animals. He disclosed that he had previously requested the Environment Department to conduct a study, but no action had been taken.

[Source: CNA]


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