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Two hunters shot while hunting in Limassol

Limassol police looking for suspect who shot two hunters and apologised before driving away


Police are on the lookout for a male suspect who shot and wounded two hunters on Wednesday in Limassol district.

According to police, two male hunters from Nicosia aged 56 and 66, were hunting on Wednesday early afternoon around 1:30pm, when they were shot on the legs by another hunter.

The incident took place in an area of Pentakomo forest near Governor’s Beach, on the west side of the Limassol-Larnaca district boundary.

He approached the two injured men and apologized for his mistake before getting into his pickup truck and driving away

Police said the shooter, an unidentified male hunter, appeared to have been aiming at his prey when he shot the two hunters accidentally from a distance of about 40 metres. He then approached the two injured men and apologized for his mistake before getting into his vehicle and driving away. The car was described as a pickup truck, possibly silver, either a Nissan Navara or a Chevrolet.

The two men caught a ride with another hunter who transported them to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital, where doctors on duty said the hunters were hit on the legs by lead shot.

Medics were able to remove the pellets from both legs of the 56-year-old while later doctors managed to remove the pellets from the right hip of the 66-year-old. Both men were released from hospital.

Police were asking members of the public, who may have information about the incident or the suspect, to contact authorities.


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