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Two new coronavirus cases involving a tourist and person with travel history

One of the new cases involves a Serbian tourist who flew to Cyprus via Bulgaria on Wednesday and who was checked upon arrival at the airport


Two new coronavirus cases were announced by the Cyprus Health Ministry on Thursday, involving a tourist who got tested upon arrival at the airport and a person with a history of travel.

According to the Health Ministry announcement, one of Thursday’s new cases was identified from the pool of 220 people who got tested for the virus privately. The new case had a history of travel.

The second new case involved a Serbian tourist who flew to Cyprus via Bulgaria on Wednesday. He had presented a certificate of an antibody test which was not accepted by local authorities upon arrival at the airport, where he was re-checked for the virus, with the result coming back positive.

A total of 1,159 samples were checked for the virus on Thursday, 361 of which were collected from airport arrivals and repatriated persons, and 231 from employees who returned to work with the gradual lifting of restriction measures.

The two new cases brought total coronavirus cases recorded so far in the Republic of Cyprus to 1,010.

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