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Two tourists found alive in storm-ravaged South Pelion

South Pelion confronts escalating crisis amidst storm 'Daniel'

Charalambos Stylianou

As the relentless storm named "Daniel" pounded the tranquil enclave of South Pelion, Deputy Mayor Demetris Parisiades delivered distressing updates to "K" News on Tuesday evening, compounding the anxiety gripping this serene region.

Initially, the focus was on a man from Volos who had gone missing since noon, sending shockwaves throughout the community. However, a more troubling revelation soon followed: an additional four individuals remained unaccounted for in the charming village of Paltsi, nestled within the broader South Pelion municipality. This grim news cast a somber cloud over the already beleaguered community, grappling with the harsh impact of "Daniel," which had severed power and water supplies, plunging the area into darkness and uncertainty.

As the tempest relentlessly battered South Pelion, a beacon of hope emerged shortly before 10:30 in the evening. Two Austrian tourists, initially swept away by the storm's raging torrents, were miraculously discovered alive. They had taken refuge in a modest wooden house torn from its foundation by the ferocity of the storm, an unexpected sanctuary amidst the chaos. Their resilience and stroke of luck in the face of adversity briefly lifted the collective burden weighing on the beleaguered community.

However, authorities faced the formidable task of locating those still missing. While the discovery of the two Austrian survivors injected a glimmer of hope, it sharply contrasted with the grim reality that a father from Volos remained unaccounted for, his whereabouts a perplexing enigma weighing heavily on his loved ones. Furthermore, the search continued for two others, though their status as missing individuals had not been officially confirmed.

With "Daniel" showing no signs of relenting, South Pelion remained in a state of emergency. Residents, grappling with isolation and adversity, anxiously awaited the much-needed assistance that had yet to arrive. As South Pelion courageously endured the tempest, the unyielding spirit of its people stood resolute, united in their determination to overcome the challenges presented by "Daniel" and emerge stronger on the other side.

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