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Shocking video reveals crew's role in tragic Piraeus port death

Eyewitnesses describe fatal shipboard drama


The recent incident involving the crew of the Blue Horizon ship and the death of a 36-year-old in Piraeus is gaining attention due to emerging videos.

The passenger ferry returned to the port, leading to the arrest of the captain and three other crew members in connection with the 36-year-old's death while attempting to board the ship.

The prosecutor in charge ordered the arrest of two crew members on the catapult, along with the captain and the deck officer.

As the ship was departing for Heraklion, a young man tried to board it. As seen in a video, the 36-year-old fell into the sea as crew members prevented him by pushing him back.

The ship was in motion, and the 36-year-old ended up in the water between the pier and the catapult. Shortly thereafter, he was found dead.

According to the Ministry of Shipping, the Central Port Authority of Piraeus will gather statements from witnesses and crew members as part of the initial investigation.

Video footage was captured from the ship's deck.

M. Varvitsiotis, the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, expressed his sadness in a post on X and assured that all necessary measures are being taken to establish accountability.

"I am deeply saddened by the tragic incident at the Piraeus port, resulting in a man's death. The Piraeus Port Authority is actively working to investigate the case and determine responsibility," he stated.

The shipowning company, Attica Group, released a statement in the early hours of Wednesday, expressing shock over the incident and pledging full cooperation with relevant authorities to clarify the situation.

According to ERT, the company plans to replace the crew and resume the ship's journey to Crete once passenger statements have been collected.

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