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UK Cypriot jailed for sexually abusing minors

Greek Cypriot male aged 79 gets 14 years for indecent assault decades ago on a boy and a girl


A Cypriot man living the United Kingdom has been sentenced to prison for 14 years after being found guilty of sexual harassment of a boy and a girl many decades ago.

According to Parikiaki, a 79-year-old man in North London was found guilty on ten counts of indecent assault, six of which were perpetrated against a girl under the age of 14 between 1966 and 1976. The man was also found guilty on four counts with the same offences committed against a boy of a similar age category between 1978 and 1985.

The victims recently came forward and testified against the perpetrator, describing their ordeals with tears in their eyes according to reports. They also asked the Wood Green Crown Court to set an example of deterence by passing a heavy sentence, which took place on May 17.

Reports said the conviction and sentencing has shocked the Greek Cypriot community in Britain, while the identity of the victims was not made known in the media.

The offender is said to carry out a big portion of his sentence in England, while no more details were made known about regarding his incarceration.

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