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Larnaca abductor gets sixteen years

Court sentences George Nicolaou to 16 years for kidnapping and drugging two school boys


The Larnaca abductor who kidnapped and drugged two school boys has been sentenced to 16 years in prison, with the criminal judges describing the case as unprecedented for Cyprus standards.

The abductor, 36-year-old Yiorgos “George” Nicolaou, was found guilty on abduction and narcotics charges in the kidnapping of two school boys aged 11 back in September 2018. The abduction took place in front of the school yard just before first class period, setting off a massive police manhunt.

No sexual abuse charges

Following media speculation about sexual abuse, police clarified early on in the course of the investigation that no charges in connection to sexual abuse or molestation had been filed. And last month, following computer forensics results, the prosecutor said no testimony regarding sex crimes would be put forth. But the judge made an exception allowing the parents to sit in during the closed session trial.

Nicolaou had initially admitted kidnapping and false imprisonment charges but maintained he never drugged the boys, who were found eight hours after their abduction in his bedroom near the school. Reports said the boys appeared to be disoriented after the kidnapper had spiked their lemonade.

But in December, behind a closed door session, Nicolaou changed his not guilty plea on narcotics charges, finally admitting that he administered a controlled substance to both of the boys, which carried a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

On Wednesday, a panel of criminal judges sentenced Nicolaou to 16 years.

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