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Larnaca abductor admits drugging school boys

Plea bargain rumours still persist as suspect finally admits drugging charges


The criminal trial in the Larnaca abduction case continued on Wednesday, with suspect Yiorgos “George” Nicolaou finally admitting two the drugging charges along with kidnapping the two school boys.

Back in November, the defendant admitted kidnapping and false imprisonment charges, but he denied he had ever drugged the boys.

On Wednesday, the defence attorney told the criminal court that Nicolaou wanted to change his not guilty plea to guilty regarding the charges that the drugged the two boys. The drugging charges alone could carry life imprisonment as a maximum sentence.

Previous reports said prosecutors might consider dropping some charges or modifying them, but it was not clear whether a plea bargain was offered to the defendant.

Nicolaou was arrested on September 25, several hours after kidnapping two students at Kamares primary school in Larnaca. He was arraigned in early October behind closed doors, accused of coaxing two 11-year-old boys into following him to his apartment nearby the school where he spiked their lemonade, rendering them incoherent.

Eight hours following a massive search in Larnaca and elsewhere on the island, officers apprehended the 35-year-old suspect in his apartment where it turned out he was keeping the boys the whole time.

The boys were found in the bedroom and were reportedly disoriented.

Nicolaou admitted charges including kidnapping, abduction with the intent of false imprisonment, public intoxication, and wrongful imprisonment.

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