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Cop’s home searched in Limassol murder

Police obtain house search warrants, seek access to victim’s phone records


Police are following a number of leads in Sunday’s murder in Limassol, focusing on a number of crucial search warrants and private phone data.

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Law enforcement officials are trying to piece together what transpired Sunday evening moments before the murder of 44-year-old Christos Michail from Dora, who was shot dead inside his vehicle in what is believed to be a drugland hit.

Investigators learned that the victim was at a coffee shop on Sunday when he received a call and excused himself

Police obtained two search warrants, with one of them focusing on the house of a cop who knew the victim. Knews understands the police officer in question is currently suspended for other reasons unrelated to the case.

Another search warrant was issued for the residence of a 49-year-old person of interest, who is known to police. Ammunition was discovered in the second home while nothing was found in the cop’s residence, according to local media.

Investigators learned that the victim was at a coffee shop on Sunday when he received a call and excused himself.

“I’ll be right back,” Michail said according to witnesses.

But the victim was shot dead that evening and his body was not discovered until Monday afternoon.

Police want to know the identity of the person who called Michail as well as whether the victim had any other phone conversations before he met his demise.

The actual phone device has not been found but law enforcement officials have already submitted a request for access to the victim’s phone records.

Michail, a father of two, had been arrested back in January 2017 on drug charges, after cops found in his possession 11 nylon bags each with 5.5 grams of cocaine.

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