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Unusual school incident as teacher accused of cutting student's hair

Allegations arise as school faces controversy over hair regulations


In an incident that came to light today, a mother alleged that her son's hair was cut by a teacher at a high school in Limassol. The incident reportedly occurred on September 14, when the student sought permission to enter an English class. According to the complaint, which was initially disclosed by a state channel, the assistant headmistress asked the student to sit in her office and, without prior warning, proceeded to cut the child's hair using scissors.

The complaint detailed that the vice principal "suddenly and without warning, took a pair of scissors in her hands and began cutting my son's hair. The child was frightened by this unjustified and unexpected action, attempting to protect himself by placing his hands on his head and face while repeatedly asking her to stop. However, the teacher continued cutting the child's hair, discarding it in the desk basket, and disregarding his pleas." Subsequently, the teacher "led the child by the hand to the headmistress to showcase her work and accomplishment."

While the mother had sent letters to the Limassol district office, the Ministry of Education, and the Secondary Education Directorate, she reportedly received no response. Nevertheless, the Ministry, upon inquiry, clarified that the Secondary Education Directorate had addressed the matter, taken necessary measures, and considered it closed. The mother's complaint has also been forwarded to the Commissioner for the Protection of Children's Rights for investigation. Despo Michaelidou expressed her concern over schools in Cyprus being involved in such matters.

Loizos Constantinou, President of the Parents of Secondary Education, confirmed the incident, emphasizing that there are school regulations concerning students' hair. He suggested that the school had mishandled the incident by failing to provide the student with a prior warning.

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