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Unvaccinated kids will get COVID 'sooner or later'

Infectious disease expert explains

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

All children will eventually be infected with Covid-19 if they do not get vaccinated against the virus, said Nikos Sypsas, an infectious diseases professor at the Athens School of Medicine and a member of the government’s expert committee.

All children will be exposed, sooner or later

“Children will be infected at some point if they are not vaccinated. By Christmas we will have a very extensive spread of the virus. All children will be exposed, sooner or later,” he said told Skai television on Friday.

Commenting on some parents’ reluctance to vaccinate their underage kids citing possible side effects, Sypsas said they have the risk from the vaccine, which is “infinitesimal” and the risk from covid.

“We know that there are now many references in the literature for children who have long covid, ie long-term complications from the virus, such as extreme fatigue, depression, disorders in various organs such as the lungs and heart,” he said.


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