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Japan issues warning after volcano eruption

Newsroom / CNA

Japanese authorities issued a warning today after a volcanic eruption in the southwest of the country, with large boulders flying almost a kilometer away from the crater, Kyodo news agency reported. According to the agency, no injuries were reported immediately after the eruption of Mount Odake volcano in Kagoshima prefecture.

The Japan Meteorological Agency raised the alert level to 3 - on a five-point scale - with level 5 providing for an evacuation order - to restrict access to the area around the volcano after the eruption at 2 a.m. local time.

Many initial "eruptions" occurred in the crater yesterday, the agency quoted Kyodo as saying, warning that large boulders ejected from the volcano could land within a two-kilometer radius.

A similar eruption occurred on Mount Odake in March, for which the meteorological service also issued a level 3 alert.

Japan, which has many active volcanoes, is in the "Ring of Fire" in the Pacific, where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are recorded. .

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