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Vaccinations against Influenza 'A' begin for the elderly

Announcement from the Ministry of Health

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

Vaccinations for the elderly against Influenza A will start at the beginning of October, according to an announcement from the Ministry of Health.

A total of 180,000 vaccines have been orderd, 25,000 more than in 2020.

The Minister of Health, Mr. Michalis Hadjipandelas, along with officers from the Ministry met today with the Health Insurance Organization to discuss the procedure in which these vaccines were to be doled out.

As was the same procedure last year, Influenza A vaccines will be distributed to personal doctors who, in turn, will vaccinate their patients that fall into vulnerable groups. 

So far, 60,000 vaccines have been received and a second batch of 50,000 vaccines is expected within the week.  The remaining quantity will be received in installments by the end of October.

More information will be announced next week.



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