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Video exposes terrifying collision at Haneda airport

Expert commends passengers' swift actions in Haneda crisis


Renowned expert Ed Galea has shared a chilling video on his Linkedin account, providing a firsthand look at the initial moments of a collision between a commercial aircraft and a coast guard plane at Tokyo's Haneda airport.

According to a report on Skai GR, Galea, a professor and director of the Fire Safety Engineering Group at Greenwich University, shed light on the harrowing experience of the crew of Japan Airlines Flight 516. The aircraft burst into flames following a collision with a Coast Guard aircraft, creating a scene of chaos and urgency.

Despite the intense situation, the JAL crew exhibited extraordinary heroism during the evacuation. Galea pointed out a crew member at exit 4L, visible in the video, skillfully urging passengers to safety. Notably, the crew member used a special torch to guide passengers through the perilous conditions as toxic smoke filled the aircraft.

The challenges were immense, with the aircraft in a nose-down position and the nose gear collapsed. This added complexity to the evacuation process, making the crew's performance even more commendable. Passengers utilizing the 4L exits had to navigate an upward climb, highlighting the crew member's exceptional efforts in ensuring a safe evacuation.

In a tragic turn, five members of the Japanese coast guard lost their lives, contrasting with the successful evacuation of all 379 passengers on the Japan Airlines flight.

Galea's commentary on the video underscores the positive behavior exhibited by passengers during the evacuation. Strikingly, none of the passengers seen in the footage attempted to retrieve their luggage, demonstrating a swift and responsible response likely influenced by crew instructions.

In his conclusion, the expert commends the JAL crew for their exceptional use of the special torch to direct and redirect passengers, emphasizing the overall commendable behavior of the aircraft crew. The video serves as a testament to the courage and quick thinking displayed in the face of adversity, ensuring the safety of all souls on board.

[With information sourced from Skai GR]

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