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Violence erupts at Nicosia school yet again as authorities investigate

Growing concerns over student safety and the Ministry's response


A recent outbreak of violence at a Nicosia district high school has raised concerns among local authorities. According to police reports, a 13-year-old student was assaulted by a classmate outside the school, resulting in injuries.

The victim sustained bruises on various parts of his body, prompting a police investigation with statements being collected. This incident is the second of its kind within a short timeframe, causing growing apprehension at the Ministry of Education as they seek solutions to address future occurrences.

Father of injured 13-year-old speaks out

In an interview on "ALPHA ENIMEROSI," the father of the 13-year-old victim shared details about the incident and the Ministry of Education's response. He recounted that on a Tuesday afternoon, his son was assaulted without provocation outside the school. He took his injured child to the hospital for treatment and subsequently reported the incident to the police.

The father revealed that his other children had also been attacked by classmates recently, and today, the alleged perpetrator threatened the victims for reporting him to the police.

Regarding the Ministry's stance on these incidents, the father explained that he was informed over the phone that the Ministry's responsibility was limited to school premises and did not extend outside.

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