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EU Parliament Head Metsola marks Cyprus Independence Day

Cyprus Independence Day parade welcomes European Parliament president

Newsroom / CNA

On Sunday, President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, will visit Cyprus to mark the Republic of Cyprus' independence day in a grand celebration. The Cyprus News Agency has confirmed her presence and participation in the annual independence day parade.

The day's itinerary starts in the morning when Metsola will pay her respects at the Presidential Palace. She will lay a wreath at the statue of Makarios III, the esteemed first President of the Republic of Cyprus. Following this solemn ceremony, Metsola is scheduled for a meeting with President Christodoulides, where they are expected to discuss various matters of mutual interest.

One of the highlights of this visit will be a joint press conference held by Metsola and President Christodoulides. This conference promises insights into key discussions and collaborations between the European Parliament and Cyprus. It's an opportunity for both leaders to address the media and the public, further strengthening diplomatic ties.

The day will culminate in a vibrant display of national pride at the annual independence day parade. Metsola, alongside President Christodoulides, will join the enthusiastic crowds in celebrating Cyprus' rich history and its unwavering commitment to sovereignty.

Roberta Metsola's visit to Cyprus on this significant occasion underscores the importance of diplomatic relations between the European Union and Cyprus, while also honoring the Republic's journey to independence. This event promises to be a memorable celebration of shared values and commitments.

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