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Virus continues to attack nursing homes

The health and labour ministers are rushing to find a temporary solution after the owner of the Timotheio nursing home in Nicosia said he would shut the place down


Spokesperson for the Cyprus state health services Charalambos Charilaou told the Cyprus News Agency on Friday that the virus’ assault on nursing homes in Nicosia and Limassol is ongoing, with an estimated 25% of coronavirus patients at the Famagusta general hospital involving residents of nursing homes.

Charilaou said that due to the high risks involved with the rapid transmission of coronavirus within homes for the elderly, a medical team is activated the moment a new case is detected at nursing homes.

He said a case was detected at the Kyperounta nursing home and was transferred to the Famagusta hospital, while three new cases were detected at the Timotheio nursing home in Nicosia late on Thursday night, with the cases transferred via ambulance to the Eden rehabilitation centre to remain in isolation.

But Charilaou stressed that hospitals cannot replace nursing homes for the accommodation of residents who test positive for the virus but do not require hospital treatment.

Ministers to step in to find solutions to Timotheio closure

The health and labour ministers are rushing to find a temporary solution to the problem that developed at the Timotheio nursing home in Latsia after multiple residents tested positive for coronavirus, as the owner said he intends to shut the place down and has asked relatives of healthy residents to pick them up.

Kathimerini Cyprus reported on Friday that three of the ten coronavirus positive residents of the nursing home were transferred to the Famagusta general hospital. Health minister Constantinos Ioannou and labour minister Zeta Emilianidou stepped in to find a solution for the remaining six, who will be transferred to the Limassol general hospital.

As for the remaining residents of the home, relatives have been called for their collection as the Timotheio will be shutting its doors, particularly after its staff said they wouldn’t be coming to work in fear of contracting the virus, leaving residents without the care they require.

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