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Warnings continue as heat dome lingers over mountains

Hot nights continue in Cyprus while mountain daytime highs also climb to dangerous levels


Another yellow warning has been issued for Cyprus as temperature highs in the mountains were expected to reach 32 degrees Celsius, with hot nights still on the menu for most areas.

Weather officials in the Republic of Cyprus have issued a yellow warning for Monday starting from 12 noon until the following morning at 6am, citing “extremely high temperatures.”

Many European states have also issued severe weather alerts, affecting transport and other sectors of the economy, while drought conditions have also been reported across the old continent.

In Cyprus, where a low pressure system is still affecting the area Monday skies will be mostly clear, with temperature highs reaching 39 degrees inland, 34 in the south, east, and north, while it will be 32 out west and high up in the mountains.

Evening skies will remain mostly clear with temperature lows dropping to 26 degrees inland as well as in the north and out west, 24 in the south and east, while it will be 21 higher up.

Overall temperatures in the next few days will reach above normal averages for this time of the year, while conditions will remain largely clear.

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