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19 September, 2020
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Week starts with quick dip in temps

Monday temperatures a fair amount cooler with rain chances and highs in the mid-30’s


Monday skies will be partly cloudy with chances of rain in the afternoon, while temperature highs will not go above 36 degrees Celsius but will rise gradually over the next few days.

A low pressure system is affecting the area over Cyprus, with strong winds expected in the early afternoon and the sea ranging from relatively calm to choppy in some areas.

Fair skies Tuesday through Thursday but also increasing clouds and chances of afternoon rain mainly in the mountains

Temperature highs will reach 36 degrees in the interior, 33 in the south and east, around 30 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 25 high up in the mountains.

Evening weather will be mostly clear but with increasing clouds also in the forecast, mainly out west. Temperature lows will drop to 22 degrees in the interior and along the coast, while it will be 14 high up in the mountains.

Mixed weather is expected in the coming days, with fair skies on Tuesday through Thursday but also increasing clouds and chances of afternoon rain, including possibly isolated thunderstorms, mainly in the mountains.

Temperatures are expected to remain roughly the same for the next few days, while levels will start to gradually rise again and reach above normal averages by Thursday. 

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