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Whistleblower jailed in Cyprus says Hunter had mole in FBI

US lawmakers in touch with Israeli professor’s lawyer about alleged FBI mole called ‘One Eye’


An Israeli professor under house arrest in Cyprus has made more explosive allegations against Hunter Biden, prompting US lawmakers to investigate the first son’s alleged connections with the FBI through a mole known as “One-Eye.”

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Media reports this week said the US House Oversight Committee was investigating claims that Hunter Biden used an FBI informant known as "One-Eye" to provide insider information to his Chinese business partners.

Luft says he learned that Hunter Biden had a highly placed informant in the FBI known as 'One-Eye' who was paid to provide sealed information

The explosive allegation was made by Gal Luft, an energy security and diplomatic expert, who was arrested last month in Cyprus on a US warrant for charges of arms trafficking to China and Libya.

But Luft claims his prosecution is politically motivated and further alleges that the Justice Department is trying to discredit him over dirt he has on Biden deals with China.

According to Luft’s American lawyer Robert Henoch, the Israeli professor gained insight into the deals after having relationships with Hunter Biden's Chinese business partners, Patrick Ho and Ye Jianming, both of whom were being investigated for money laundering.

Henoch said that Luft, through those relationships, learned that Hunter had a highly placed informant in the FBI known as “One-Eye” who was paid handsomely for providing secret or sealed law enforcement information.

A highly-divided congress is seeking to examine allegations of corruption involving Hunter Biden and his dealings with Chinese and Ukrainian nationals, including an appointment to the board of Burisma, an energy company registered in Cyprus.

US Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has reportedly confirmed to The New York Post that Henoch has been in contact with congressional investigators.

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