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Woman dies of coronavirus, 38 new cases confirmed

Coronavirus cases reached 564 in the Republic, with new rounds of targeted and random testing to begin soon expected to bring clearer picture of infections


A 78-year-old woman who had contracted the virus died on Thursday, when 38 more tested positive in the Republic of Cyprus, raising the total confirmed cases to 564.

According to the Health Ministry’s epidemiological team, the 78-year-old woman suffered from underlying health conditions, but her death was fully attributed to her coronavirus infection. Total fatalities attributed to coronavirus reached 10 in the Republic, involving seven men and three women, of an average age of 67.

The 38 new cases confirmed on Thursday concerned 18 contacts of other known cases, seven Aradippou residents who were found to carry the virus through targeted sampling, and 13 others whose history is still under investigation.

The 564 total cases were identified after the processing of a bulk of 15,489 samples since the coronavirus pandemic broke out on the island.

Currently, 12 coronavirus patients whose condition is described as critical but stable are on life support in hospitals island-wide, while 53 people have so far recovered from the virus.

A sum of 20,000 targeted tests on employees in private and public sector businesses that were granted permission to continue operating by government decrees are set to begin over the weekend.

Additional random tests will conducted on 800 people, providing experts will a clearer picture of the island’s coronavirus situation, as concerns remain high over asymptomatic coronavirus carriers.

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