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Worker critical after fall in Paphos warehouse

Polish man rushed to the Emergency Room with head injuries after warehouse incident


A man in Paphos was rushed to the Emergency Room following a work-related accident, where he fell and severely injured his head.

According to local media, a 57-year-old Polish man was injured in a serious accident on Tuesday morning around 9am, when he was on industrial lift equipment at a plasterboard warehouse in Mesogi, Paphos district.

Some media reported the worker had been operating the lift at the time of the accident while additional reports said the man had climbed to an upper storage area where he suddenly lost his balance and fell from a height of 3 to 4 metres.

The man was rushed to the ER at Paphos General Hospital, where doctors determined he had sustained multiple serious injuries. He was then transported to Nicosia General due to his critical condition.

Preliminary reports said the man had sustained head injuries while police told Knews that doctors in Nicosia had not issued a statement on the man’s condition as of 12 noon.

Police investigators and labour officials were both called to the scene.

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