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Japan: IKEA offers a 10 square meter apartment for 0.75 euros per month (video)

It's amazing what such a little space can hold


Swedish furniture giant IKEA is joining the real estate market by renting out an apartment in Tokyo.  The apartment, just 10 square meters, is being offered for a staggering rent of just 99 yen, or just 0.75 euros a month.

According to the ad, the apartment is located in the Shinjuku area of ​​Tokyo and is part of the company's Tiny Homes project.

Of course, the apartment is fully equipped and furnished with IKEA products.

The ad states that this tiny house is only available to people over the age of 20 and is open for viewing until December 3rd.  Moreover, it can be rented until January 15, 2023.

Only one apartment is available at the moment. This is obviously a test drive in order to study the market in real-time and to see if it picks up in popularity.

The company admits that 10 square meters is not much, but emphasizes that it has worked hard to take advantage of every cubic centimeter of space: "One of the key moves is to take advantage of vertical space," IKEA said on its website. "The perception of a three-dimensional space opens up new possibilities in a limited area," the company added.

Staying in Tokyo in tiny apartments is not uncommon. Many bachelors, students, and locals looking for their first job in the Japanese capital choose to live temporarily in tiny flats, which are ultimately tiny studio apartments.

Source: CNN

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