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Minthis Presents ''Origins'' by Renowned Artists Stass Paraskos, Margaret Paraskos and Emilio Koutsoftides

Press Release

With a grand opening scheduled for April 19 at 6 p.m., Minthis is pleased to present ''Origins,'' a three-generational exhibition highlighting the creations of Stass Paraskos, Margaret Paraskos, and Emilio Koutsoftides.

Their paintings depict soul landscapes that are resonant with life's emotions, drawing inspiration from mythology, folklore, and modern politics. This exhibition explores the close relationship that exists between the natural environment and humans, fusing ancient customs with the pressing needs of the modern era.

''Origins'' encourages visitors to reflect on the meaning of life and the ageless stories that define our modern world.

One of the pioneers of modern art, Stass Paraskos is well known for his vivid and audacious depictions of the intricacies of life. Cyprus-born Paraskos's art references historical mythology, folklore, and political discourse. His canvases allow spectators to immerse themselves in the vast fabric of human emotions and experiences by acting as portals to both familiar and bizarre worlds. Paraskos pushes us to face the enduring facts that define our life via his artistic creations.

Margaret Paraskos, carrying on her father's legacy, contributes her distinct viewpoint to the dialogue. Inspired by her Cypriot background, Margaret's artwork embodies resilience and cultural identity. Her compositions, which explore the fine line between tradition and contemporary, have a subtle yet profound intensity. Margaret's paintings urge us to consider the complex strands that both link us to our past and propel us toward the future.

The latest addition to this creative family, Emilio Koutsoftides, adds new vitality and perspective to the exhibition. Koutsoftides was born and raised in a creative environment and his artwork is influenced by his abiding respect for the natural world and its enigmas. His research into the fundamental processes that form our reality is reflected in his sculptures and installations. Koutsoftides encourages us to rediscover our innate connection to the environment and all its creatures and to reawaken our senses through his art.

The art exhibition at Minthis, ''Origins,'' is a natural extension of the resort's efforts to promote a contemporary yet genuine Cypriot way of life. The spirit of Cyprus is profoundly reflected in the artistic expression of Stass Paraskos, Margaret Paraskos, and Emilio Koutsoftides. Along with Minthis' commitment to protecting and promoting the island's cultural legacy, these artists weave a vibrant tapestry via their creations that capture the many facets of Cypriot culture.

Pafilia, the developer behind the luxury destination Minthis, has opened Plateia, a social square, where the art gallery is based, with the intention of creating an atmosphere that appeals to all and offers an authentic yet modern Cypriot lifestyle. From inspired Mediterranean restaurant menus serving local home-grown ingredients to herb-infused botanical cocktails, showcasing local and celebrated artists was a natural progression that adds a new dimension not only to the resort but also to Cyprus.

''Origins'' is more than simply an exhibition; it's an exploration of space and time, a celebration of our common humanity and the various narratives that define who we are.

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