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“RUN ON ART” presents Art stories Art Secrets

The aim of these video clips/spots is to give birth to a new way of projecting contemporary art


Just like every personal journey hides its own unique story, so do the narrations written by Cypriots artists, who reveal their goals and dreams to the camera of “RUN ON ART” in a production aiming to follow their creative universe. The spotlight is set on eleven Cypriot artists who become the protagonists in a series of interviews.

Which is their source of inspiration? How does an artist work in his/her studio? What are they searching for? What are the means and materials they use? The answers to all these questions are passed on to the viewers in a very simple and yet direct way and their stories are not far from our own experiences.

The aim of these video clips/spots is to give birth to a new way of projecting contemporary art, having a support network of people and organizations, will focus on presenting and highlighting the local cultural wealth within and outside the border. Simultaneously, they will constitute an informative and educational source for schools, universities and any other art spaces.

The artists taking part are: Alexandros Yiorgkatzis, Alexis Themistokleous, Anastasia Mina, Andreas Pashias, Dimitrios Ikonomou, Eleni Panayidou, Eleni Phyla, Lefteris Tapas, Marianna Konstanti, Marina Yerali, Christos Michealides.

Initiator and Director of the project is Efi Spyrou. Being also herself a visual artist who works and lives in Athens, Efi is the creator of “RUN ON ART” initiative, committed to empowering contemporary art, reactivating interdisciplinary synergies and helping local art communities to outreach international audiences through innovative mediums.

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