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1,100 euro rental cap on thousands of homes in the Netherlands

The new measures will take effect in 2024 and will cover over 300,000 homes in the Netherlands

Source: 360 News

The Dutch government will impose limits on rents for more than 300,000 homes in order to provide affordable housing in the face of a shortage in the country's housing problem.

When the new measures come into effect in 2024, the rental price of the targeted homes will be reduced by an average of €190 per month, Bloomberg reports.

Housing Minister Hugo de Jonge has indicated that prices will be indexed annually to inflation so that properties will have a maximum monthly rent of approximately €1,100.

Jonge has recalled that middle-income earners, such as teachers or nurses, have difficulties coping with the increase in rent due to the "enormous shortage".

For this reason, he announced that companies and institutional investors want to build 100,000 homes from this year until 2030.

"With greater regulation, tenants will gain protection and landlords will be more willing to invest in the sector," he added.


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