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20 May, 2024
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Clouds and showers on the horizon

Low pressure system shifts region's forecast


So, here's the scoop on today's weather: we're looking at a mix of clouds, with some areas getting more overcast skies. Don't forget your umbrella because we're expecting showers, especially out west and up in the mountains. Other spots might catch a sprinkle or two, but things should calm down by the afternoon, mainly sticking to the high ground and eastern shores.

Winds will pick up a bit, blowing from the southwest to the northwest, ranging from moderate to pretty strong, especially along the southern coast. Seas will get a bit choppy, especially out west and northward. As for temperatures, expect highs around 19°C inland, hitting about 22°C along the southeast coast, and hovering around 20°C elsewhere. Up in the mountains, it'll be a chillier 9°C.

Now, for tonight's forecast: out west and up north, we might see more clouds rolling in, bringing along a chance of showers. Elsewhere, it's mostly clear skies. Winds will ease up a bit, blowing mainly from the southwest to the northwest, at a gentle to moderate pace. Seas will be a bit rougher out west and north, with calmer waters towards the east. Temperatures will dip, dropping to around 8°C inland, about 13°C along the western coast, and hitting around 10°C elsewhere. Up in the mountains, it's going to be a brisk 3°C, so bundle up!

Looking ahead to Thursday, we're starting off sunny in most spots, but as the day goes on, expect some clouds to build up, possibly leading to scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially in the mountains and towards the south and east. Friday will bring more clouds, along with showers popping up here and there. And as we head into Saturday, keep an eye out for isolated showers, especially in the mountains and the eastern half of the island.

Temperatures won't be fluctuating much over the next few days, staying pretty consistent with what we'd expect this time of year. So, there you have it, folks—keep your jackets handy and stay weather-wise!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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