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Will Michelle Obama run for US President in 2024?

Democrats eye Michelle Obama's role in Biden's re-election campaign


Former President Barack Obama recently declared his full support for President Joe Biden's bid for re-election. However, attention has shifted to the potential role of his popular spouse, Michelle Obama, in the upcoming campaign.

As reported by NBC News, democrats, eager for success in November, are keen on seeing Michelle Obama take a more prominent position in the campaign. Speculation even arises about the possibility of her replacing a struggling incumbent on the 2024 ticket, generating interest from both parties.

Some supporters of Republican front-runner Donald Trump envision Michelle Obama entering the race to weaken Biden's standing and energize the GOP base.

In response to the growing chatter, Michelle Obama's office clarified her stance. They affirmed that she won't be running for president and reiterated her support for President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris's re-election campaign.

While Michelle Obama intends to assist the Biden campaign, her involvement is expected to be limited, reflecting her other commitments and her reluctance to dive fully back into politics.

Close aides to Biden anticipate maximizing Michelle Obama's influence later in the campaign, leveraging her star power to appeal to swing voters.

During discussions, the Biden campaign identified areas of alignment with Michelle Obama, particularly through her nonpartisan voter registration group, When We All Vote.

Despite affirmations that Michelle Obama won't run for office, speculation persists. Some Democrats and Republicans alike continue to entertain the idea of her candidacy.

Michelle Obama's role during the 2020 campaign was notable, where she delivered key speeches supporting Biden's candidacy.

Despite her consistent disavowal of political ambitions, speculation about Michelle Obama's potential candidacy in 2024 remains a topic of discussion. However, her actions and statements suggest otherwise, indicating a focus on other initiatives rather than seeking public office.

[With information sourced from NBC News]

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