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President Christodoulides' candid year-one address

Acknowledging missteps, celebrating triumphs, and charting the course ahead


President Nikos Christodoulides delivered a comprehensive address on live television, reflecting on the accomplishments and vision of his administration as it completes its first year in power.

In his speech, President Christodoulides emphasized the principles of transparency and accountability that underpin his government's philosophy. The key areas of focus highlighted in the address include:

National issue and UN talks

The President discussed ongoing efforts to address the national issue, specifically mentioning the appointment of Ms. Holguin Cuellar as a crucial step. Despite challenges posed by the Turkish stance, the President expressed unwavering determination for sincere negotiations based on a Bi-zonal Bicommunal Federation.

Economic resilience

Addressing economic challenges head-on, President Christodoulides outlined successful strategies in managing sanctions, the establishment of a National Sanctions Enforcement Unit, and significant financial sector reforms. He proudly shared positive growth projections, positioning the Cypriot economy with the second-highest growth rate in the EU for 2024.

Social policies

The President underscored fiscal responsibility as a cornerstone for targeted social policies. He detailed support packages totaling EUR 196 million, encompassing increased maternity leave, improved pension policies, VAT reductions on essential products, a higher national minimum wage, and the CoLA agreement benefiting 180 thousand workers.

Housing and bureaucracy reduction

President Christodoulides delved into interventions in the housing sector, unveiling a comprehensive housing policy, measures to streamline bureaucracy in licensing residential developments, and initiatives to promote affordable housing.

Migration management

The President discussed the government's proactive stance on addressing migration challenges. Initiatives included the establishment of the Deputy Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, strengthened services, and efforts to reduce illegal immigration.

Green transition

The commitment to environmental protection took center stage, with President Christodoulides highlighting projects like the "Photovoltaics for All" initiative, electric vehicle schemes, and energy upgrades for large enterprises.

Education and health

Upgrading education and healthcare services were key priorities. The President outlined measures such as installing photovoltaic panels in schools, updating curricula, and improving refugee housing through the KIZO project.

Institutional modernization

Stressing the importance of institutional reforms, President Christodoulides outlined ongoing efforts in local government, justice, and civil service. Notable reforms included the transformation of the selection procedure for Semi-State Organization Boards of Directors, featuring the establishment of the Advisory Council.

Anti-corruption measures

The President reiterated the government's firm commitment to combating corruption. Actions included support for the Independent Authority Against Corruption, the creation of an internal audit unit, and strengthening the Ethics and Sports Protection Committee.

President Christodoulides acknowledged challenges and admitted to mistakes but expressed confidence in laying the foundations for a better Cyprus. He concluded the address by extending gratitude for collective efforts in achieving outlined goals, setting the stage for a future marked by accountability and detailed policy presentations to the public.

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