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Two new coronavirus cases in Cyprus

The Cyprus Health Minister has said that in the event of a second wave, localized lockdowns will be enforced rather than shutting down the whole country for a second time


The Health Ministry announced two new coronavirus cases on Wednesday involving an arrival from Romania and a contact of a Limassol gym employee that was announced positive for coronavirus on Monday.

According to the announcement, one of the new cases flew into Cyprus from Romania (category B) on Tuesday, and was among the 658 people tested upon arrival at a Cyprus airport.

The second new case involves a contact of an employee of a gym at the Limassol Marina who was announced positive for the virus on Monday.

The two new cases emerged after a sum of 1,658 lab tests were conducted to check samples for coronavirus.

Total cases recorded in the Republic of Cyprus so far rose to 1,025.

In the event that Cyprus sees a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the island will likely move to enforce localized lockdowns rather than shutting down the country as a whole for a second time, as per WHO recommendations, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou told the Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press Agency.

Ioannou said that a general action plan has already been drawn out, and has even been implemented in certain cases to resolve certain gaps and weaknesses. He noted that the strategy is a dynamic one, which can be adapted at any time on the basis of guidelines issued by international and European organizations, ensuring the best possible coordination with other countries.

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