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127 coronavirus cases detected in Cyprus

The health ministry said symptomatic cases, and in certain cases people with severe symptoms, greatly outnumbered asymptomatic new cases, increasing the potential need for hospital care


The number of new coronavirus cases remained steep on Wednesday, as 127 new cases emerged after 3,309 tests, raising total known cases in the Republic of Cyprus to 2,966.

The majority (74) of Wednesday’s cases emerged among the 1,357 samples collected from people who took the initiative to get tested.

31 more cases were detected among the 315 samples collected through contact tracing.

Six cases were detected among the 267 samples collected at general hospitals.

12 more cases emerged among the 244 samples collected from people who were either part of special health groups or where referred for testing by their GP after developing symptoms.

Four more were detected among the 690 samples collected at Cyprus airports from arrivals.

Hospitals in the Republic of Cyprus are currently treating 23 coronavirus patients – 19 at the Famagusta general hospital (three of which are in the ICU), two at the Nicosia general hospital ICU, two are other hospitals

The health ministry stressed that the number of symptomatic cases, and in some cases serious symptoms, once again outnumbered those without symptoms, pointing to potentially larger numbers of people who could require hospitalization.

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