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18 charred bodies of immigrants found in Evros fire

Charred remains found in the Dadia Forest area of Evros as wildfires continue to rage in Greece


Amidst the relentless wildfires that have engulfed Greece, at least 18 charred bodies of immigrants have been discovered in the scorched expanse of Dadia Forest in Evros. The grim find, in two separate groups, has left authorities and investigators grappling with the horrific aftermath.

The fire in Dadia Forest ignited on Monday at noon, with firefighting crews battling to control its rampant spread. Dimitris Petrovits, deputy regional governor, described this blaze as an "autonomous" outbreak, arising independently and perplexingly distant from the ongoing fires in the Gibrena region.

The battle to contain the inferno has stretched across the Evros (Alexandroupolis) region for four consecutive days. The epicenter of the firefighting effort lies in the forest of Kirki, Plaka, and the former settlement of Amfithea.

A comprehensive response is underway, with 59 fire engines and a 214-member crew, supplemented by 11 teams of ground firefighters, volunteers, police units, and municipal water trucks, and bolstered by four firefighting aircraft and three water-dropping helicopters. The scale of the operation demonstrates the resolve to combat the flames that threaten lives and landscapes.

Evacuations have become a dire necessity, with nine villages in the Alexandroupolis area ordered to evacuate immediately. Villagers from Mesimvria, Atarni, Avra, Komaros, Perama, Mesti, Dikella, Sykorrachi, and Plaka received evacuation directives via the 112 emergency number, guiding them to safety in Komotini.

Simultaneously, a wildfire has erupted in Fyli in the west Attica region. The blaze, near the Kleiston Monastery, prompted the deployment of 26 firefighters and 13 vehicles, aided by air forces.

Disturbingly, three separate fires broke out in Lakka Katsari, Nea Zoi, and Ammoudies of Aspropyrgos in southern Attica. The fires, in close proximity to industrial zones, led to the suspension of vehicle traffic on Attiki Odos from Egaleo ring road to Elefsina toll post. A combination of 27 fire engines, a 72-member crew, and two water-dropping helicopters are tirelessly working to quell these fires.

Valomandra in the Kalyvia region also experienced a fire, now partially under control. The firefighting effort involves 23 firefighters, six fire engines, one team of ground firefighters, and five aircraft.

European assistance has been mobilized to confront these unprecedented challenges. Balazs Ujvari, European Commission spokesperson, affirmed that additional aid from Europe is available to Greece. Ujvari stated that Greece activated the civil protection mechanism and European support includes seven firefighting aircraft and one helicopter from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Sweden. Additionally, over 100 firefighters and around 20 vehicles from Romania and the Czech Republic have joined the efforts, with the "Copernicus" system contributing valuable data.

The European Union remains steadfast in its commitment to stand by Greek authorities, ready to provide further assistance should the need arise. 

[Information sourced from Greek City Times]

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