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Mass registration of residents at Chlorakas apartment complex

Two police officers injured after two residents resisted arrest

Newsroom / CNA

In accordance with the directives set during a meeting at the Presidential Palace on Monday, a comprehensive registration operation took place on Tuesday from 0600 to 1100 hours at the Saint Nicholas apartment complex in Chloraka. The operation aimed to document the residents residing in the complex.

According to Michael Nicolaou, the spokesperson for the Paphos Police Department and Head of the Paphos Criminal Investigation Department (CID), all of the approximately 250 apartments within the complex were meticulously inspected.

Nicolaou further elaborated that during the operation, a total of 81 individuals of Arab and African descent were identified and officially registered. This group consisted of 39 adult males, 17 adult females, and 25 minors.

Amidst the operation, two men were apprehended on the spot as part of the identification process. Subsequently, it was determined that one of them possessed legal residency status in Cyprus and was subsequently released. The status of the second individual's residency remains under investigation.

Nicolaou disclosed that during the apprehension of the second man, he resisted arrest, resulting in injuries sustained by two members of the Aliens and Immigration Service. The injured officers were taken to Paphos Hospital for medical evaluation.

The operation is part of ongoing efforts by local authorities to manage and document the residents within the complex and ensure proper adherence to residency regulations.

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