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Chloraka complex ''Agios Nikolaos'' shut down as President tightens security

President's directives lead to immediate closure of Chloraka complex amid safety concerns


In response to recent incidents, President Nicos Christodoulides convened a meeting at the Presidential Palace to address the situation in Chloraka. Following the meeting, Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis announced a series of decisive measures aimed at ensuring safety and security in the area.

As per the decree issued by the head of the Paphos district office on November 17, 2021, the "Agios Nikolaos" complex in the community of Chloraka is to be immediately closed for reasons of safety and health, in accordance with Article 15 of the Roads and Buildings Law. The decision was made during the meeting attended by key officials, including the Attorney General, the Minister of Interior, and the Chief of Police.

The measures to be implemented are as follows:

1. The Aliens and Immigration Service of the Police and the Asylum Service of the Ministry of Interior, in conjunction with officials from the State Ministry of Social Welfare, will begin the registration process for residents of the complex. The registration is set to be completed by Friday, August 25, 2023.

2. Based on the registration results:
- Asylum seekers residing in the complex in violation of the "On the Designation of the Place of Residence of International Protection Applicants within the Administrative Boundaries of the Community of Chloraka Decree of 2020" will be transferred to the accommodation center in Kofinou. They will be granted the status of immediate examination of their applications and the right to voluntary departure from Cyprus.
- Residents with legal status in the Republic will have two weeks from the completion of registration to secure alternative legal accommodation. Vulnerable individuals and families with minor children will receive support from the Ministry of Social Welfare.
- Individuals found to be in the Republic illegally will be arrested and deported as part of the registration process.

3. Once the aforementioned steps are completed, the government will take necessary actions to ensure the faithful implementation of the Paphos Prefect's decree.

In response to these developments, President Christodoulides has directed the Police to enhance security measures in the Chloraka area to uphold public order. When asked whether the area would be cordoned off, Spokesman Letibiotis clarified that all required measures would be taken to enforce the Paphos Prefect's decree effectively.

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