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20-year-old arrested for fake money

Fake euro notes found in police search


Yesterday, the police made a third arrest in connection with an investigation into the illegal possession and circulation of counterfeit currency and obtaining goods through false representations.

The person arrested is a 20-year-old man who was apprehended last night with a judicial warrant and placed in custody. This arrest adds to the previous arrests of two individuals, aged 18 and 19, which took place last Saturday, July 29th, for the same case.

The investigation began after a complaint was filed with the police by a property owner in the Ammochostos province on July 28th. According to the complainant, a group of young individuals had visited the property on the evening of Thursday, July 27th, and after they paid the bill and left, the complainant discovered that they had given him nine counterfeit 10-euro banknotes.

The same group returned to the same property the following evening, and the owner called the police, identifying the two individuals who had paid with counterfeit banknotes. One of them even attempted to pay with fake money again before the police arrived.

During a search at the residence of the two suspects, aged 18 and 19, a counterfeit 10-euro banknote was found and taken as evidence.

Testimony was obtained against the 20-year-old during the investigation, leading to the issuance of a judicial arrest warrant. He was located and arrested last night, following the warrant.

The first two individuals arrested were brought before the Ammochostos District Court yesterday, which ordered their detention for six days.

The Ammochostos Police are currently investigating the case.

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