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25 new coronavirus cases, 8 from random sampling

13 of the 25 new cases announced by the Cyprus health ministry were contacts of other known cases


Almost four thousand laboratory tests to check samples for coronavirus detected 25 new positive cases on Tuesday.

Among the new cases were two people who got tested in the framework of routine checks conducted by the company for which they work, NIPD Genetics. One of the two employees had a history of travel to the UK.

Three of the new cases were contacts of the cluster formed by the woman who flew back from the USA and defied self-isolation instructions.

Two more cases were detected at Cyprus airports, involving two passengers who arrived on Monday. One case involved a passenger who flew in from Thessaloniki and who was tested in the framework of the random sampling program at airports, while the second involved an arrival from Quatar, who flew in with special permission from national authorities, and who got tested at the airport.

An additional two new cases were contacts of other known cases that were identified through the program of random sampling of 3,000 people.

Eight more people who tested positive were also contacts of other known cases, while eight others were detected through the random sampling programs being carried out across all districts: one person tested positive in Famagusta, one in Paphos, three in Larnaca, and three in Nicosia.

The 25 new cases brought total known cases in the Republic of Cyprus to 1,180. Five patients are currently being treated in the general ward of Famagusta general hospital.

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