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Wife jailed after stabbing husband in Paphos

Wife in Chloraka arrested on premeditated charges after stabbing husband during late night argument


A man in Paphos is in critical condition after his wife stabbed him with a kitchen knife during a fight on Tuesday night, with a judge ordering the female suspect remanded in custody for eight days.

According to police, a 53-year-old woman was arrested on attempted murder charges on Tuesday night in connection with a stabbing incident late at night, where she allegedly stabbed her 62-year-old husband.

Local media said the couple were having a fight in their Chloraka residence around 11pm, with the woman, described as a British national and permanent resident of Paphos, grabbing a kitchen knife and stabbing the man.

The woman then came out of the residence and started calling for help, with neighbours rushing to help as they were all trying to stop the blood

According to witnesses, the woman then came out of the residence and started calling for help, with neighbours rushing to help her as they were trying to stop the bleeding.

The man was rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, where doctors on duty said he sustained knife wounds in the chest and stomach. He then underwent emergency surgery and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, where he was said to be in serious condition but out of any immediate danger.

Local media said the woman admitted to police investigators on Wednesday that she had a fight with her husband the previous night. She said she grabbed a kitchen knife during the argument while adding that the couple were having regular fights at home.

Police told Knews on Wednesday morning that they were investigating an attempted murder case in connection with the stabbing incident.

CID Paphos is investigating the case while the woman, who appeared before a judge on Wednesday, was ordered in remanded custody for eight days.

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