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Young man stabbed to death by housemate

Man turns himself to Evrychou police after killing housemate during household chores argument


A young man living in rural Nicosia turned himself in to police after stabbing his roommate to death during a fight.

According to local media, a 21-year-old male from Nepal got into a fight with his housemate, also aged 21 from the same country, after a heated argument in the residence escalated.

The incident took place Tuesday night around 10:30pm at a residence in Evrychou, Nicosia district, where the suspect grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim, wounding him fatally.

Other housemates witnessed the fight, which reportedly followed arguments over household chores

Fifteen minutes later, the suspect walked into the local police station and told officers what had happened, according to media reports.

Police went to the scene and the victim was rushed to the local Emergency Room, where a doctor on duty pronounced him dead on arrival.

Additional reports said other housemates witnessed the fight, which followed arguments over household chores. According to local media, the perpetrator was being scorned by his housemates for failing to chip in around the house.

Police said they arrested the suspect on suspicion of premeditated murder.

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